Factors; responsible for the abasement and humiliation of the present day muslims

Islam had no priesthood. It had freedom of thought, and the ages when Islam prevailed in all its purity where ages of a singularly clear and brilliant light. It is their falling away from pure Islam which has brought ruin to the Muslims, their acceptance of something indistinguishable from priesthood, or in the words of the Quran, their “taking others for their lords besides ALLAH”, their pleasure in scholastic quibbles, their neglect of the advice to seek knowledge everywhere as a religious obligation, their denial of free thought and their distrust of reason. At a certain period of their history, they began to turn back upon a part of what had been enjoined to them, they discarded half the Shari’ah, part which ordered them to seek knowledge and education, and to study God’s creations. And the Non-Muslims of the West, about the same time, began to act according to that portion of the Shari’ah which the Muslims were discarding, and so advanced in spite of all the anathemas of their priesthood. Muslims all over the world are awake to this; they know that their humiliation is their own handiwork, and they see that they can only regain a noble status in the world by a return to Islam.


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