A College Student

A college student is a captive just freed from a prison. He has no fear of his cane-weilding teacher, no home work to do, no uniform to wear and no bag to carry. He has stepped into a new land where he is as free as air. He likes to come to college by chasing some (auto) rikshaw or tonga filled with school or college girls. But he is not bound to attend his classes. He enters and leaves the classroom of his own free will. By passing his matriculation examination he has fulfilled all his responsibilities. Now he has every right to protest against any rule or advice that asks him to work hard or respect his teachers. He loves  art so he scribbles college walls with obscene pictures and objectionable slogans. He throws littre whenever and wherever he wants. He takes exercise regularly by hanging by the ceiling fans of his class room. Thus he keeps himself fit so that he be strong enough to break the windows panes and throws chairs out of the room. His memory is so sharp that he remembers all the love affairs and scandles of all film actors and actoresses. He can easily copy the style of any actor or pop singer. He is so fond of reading that he reads his inbox again and again and all film magazines . In order to keep himself neat and clean he keeps a comb and a mirror in his file cover and sees his shining face from time to time. But he wonders why his parents and teachers don’t like to see his face.


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