We lack patriotism

The tyrannical regimes of several dictators like Stalin. Mussolini and Hitler form a very important part of our world history. Why don’t we learn from this? Why don’t we stop the continuing debate between the supremacy of despotism over democracy or vice versa?

Many of us may say that the ideal of justice and equality is easier said than done. I admit that our own country reflects this but a country like ours which has ineffective democracy still have the right to choose in elections. All we need is the ability to face up to our rights and demand our rights fearlessly. In my opinion, we lack this fearlessness. In short, we lack true patriotism. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) also encouraged the concept of democracy and all of the four Caliphs following him based the system of their government and administration on this form of government.

But what about a country in which the ruling party is despot?  What if he turns out to be a fascist, then what choice are the citizens of the country left with? If the natural rights of life, liberty, safety, property, and what not, are not gauranted, then the people have a right to overthrow the government.


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