Terrorism in Pakistan

In Pakistan, terrorism has assumed a frightening form. Everyday the newspapers carry horrible stories of organized violence, murders, bomb blasts, gang rapes, torture and brutality. People are now divided along the lines of ethnicity, sect, tribe, clan and biradri based politics. Pessimism, mistrust, animosity and cynicism are rampant. Vast areas of the country are beyond the pale of the law. This deplorable and alarming situation demands serious and sincere consideration and some instant solution.

But before trying to find out some viable solution to this problem we must analyse the factors that are causing this evil to spread so rapidly and widely. In Pakistan, there are three main causes of terrorism: Political, religious and economic. More than 60% of our population is illiterate. They cannot distinguish between good and bad. So they can easily fall a prey to temptation or intimidation. Our selfish and power-hungry politicians take advantage of their simplicity and stupidity. They put such slogans in their mouth as help them achieve only their vested interests negating the larger interests of the people or the country.  Mushroom growth of the political parties have worsened the situation. People have been divided into small political, religious or regional groups. They are made to fight with one another on the ground of just petty issues.

Similar is the game that some so-called religious leaders are playing with the religious emotions of the innocent but ignorant people. Sectarianism and communalism are striking hard the very roots of the country. Every year hundreds of people fall a victim to the parochialism of the so-called custodians of the religion. Economic factor is also very important as a big cause of spreading terrorism  in our country. Wide spread unemployment and dearness have intensified the frustration of the youth.

In order to bring this nightmare of fire, explosions and bloodshed, we must follow the golden rule of peaceful coexistence. We should also try to be tolerant, patient and cool-minded. We should remember that violence never solves a problem. It rather creates the problem that it intends or pretends to solve.


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