Left Alone

I have been through enough of those moments when life was bearing down on me that I finally wished that I could just be “left alone.”

The thought of going somewhere by myself would give me so much pleasure.

But then I’d remember when I was alone. Not that everyone left me. I was alone by myself in crowded places. It was the wall that I built around me that would not permit the outside in or the inside out.

When I was a child I would play this silly game. I would try to find a place where no one could find me. It was always easy because a spot in a corner or under a table would do.

My favorite place was simply to pull a blanket over my head. I would lie there and think, “Right now no one in the world knows where I am!”

That thought was so satisfying.

If you know me well enough by now this won’t surprise you…I still do it at 60. It drives my dogs crazy, because they find me and start digging at the blanket until they find a way in. All three of them join me.

That thought is so satisfying, too.

I want you to know that at times we all wish that we could be left alone. That’s okay.

The fact that you can be alone with yourself and enjoy it speak volumes about who you are.


Imagine for a moment being locked in a room with someone you disliked. It would be torture. So, if you find peace with being with you, that comes across as self confidence.

But if you are trying to build a wall so no one can ever get in, it can’t happen. God is there with you and the light of love finds a way through the tiniest cracks.

You are loved even when you are not lovable, even when you don’t want to love in return and even when the pain of love feels greater than the joy of love.

You can pull the covers over your head and love will find you.

“I’ll see you in my prayers!”

– Bob Perks


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