Learning to be happier

Advice for ‘Making Changes to Your Life’, we all want to be more forgiving people. We want to give selflessly and help others to find satisfaction in our deeds. As humans, we have a divine inner light that shines from within that wants to encompass others and show them how wonderful we think that they are. We want to entertain and support our loved ones, and give them provisions in more than a monetary sense. We want our children to feel that they can be whatever they want to be and that they need not be ashamed of who they are or what they decide that they want to do. We want our most beautiful creations to find happiness in their every day life and to never know sorrow or failure. If we could make the world a better or safer place for them, we would, and no matter what their endeavors, we will always find them to be just as wonderful as the day that they were brought into this world. We have no qualms in finding ways to put others before ourselves for happiness and peace, in fact, we welcome this opportunity to make someone we love more comfortable. Does it seem at all odd that though we actively seek these things for others on a daily basis that we rarely make time to change our own perspectives ourselves? With effort you could change your life and find yourself living life on purpose. You could be happier, and live your life on your terms. You can be free of the judgment of others and you can watch your challenges become gifts. With forgiveness in your heart and a legacy of understanding, the myths of your oppression will show themselves as being a fabrication of your mind. You can live your own prophesy of passion. You can gain perspective and exhibit your resilience. The growth of your passion will make itself known daily as you let go of past traumas and be happier every day. We need to look into our hearts and find this new dimension that we may create a better world for ourselves. There is little that is actually holding you back from being that person living a happy life every day, and most of the resistance is based in your own mind. This is not your fault, it is a behavior that you have learned as you grew, just like everyone else, but your new goal must be to take the walls down in your mind. You must remove the blinders and learn to live your life with purpose. It is entirely up to you to make this change. Nobody can improve your attitude but you, and nobody will try either. No matter what you want in your life, you have had to work for it, and your peace of mind is no different. If you would like to free yourself of your trauma and find yourself reveling in your daily gifts, then the day to start is today, and the person that you need to start with is you.

– Sharyn Abbott


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