Love is who you are – so be it!

How do you find in yourself the great spirit of generous love, true love, deep love? Simple: You find it with deep self-honesty. When you are deeply honest with yourself, you come to realize that you are a loving person. And moreover, you want to be a loving person.

It goes without saying that trying to love as a should is absolutely obnoxious to the soul. It could not possibly satisfy you or your beloved. If anybody ever told you to love as a should, they were indeed wrong, and you knew it.

You have the standards, within yourself, that will satisfy you. No other standards will do. Consequently, until and unless you love the way youfeel you should love — the way your soul wants to, and the way you know is right — you can’t possibly be satisfied.

Like the Santana song says, “Give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it.” — Amen to that! Certainly, if love is going to be ashould, we may as well forget about it. But if it’s real, then we have — and are — true companions. Then we have a bank account we can draw upon for the difficulties of ordinary life. Then we have real relationship security. And we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have done the thing that we felt, in our deep heart, we should do.


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