Today, I’m writing

Today, I am writing… There’s still hope for peace. On this piece of paper as when I write down the word ‘Peace’, I see my own face smiling at me, on this desktop pane. But there’s still hope for peace. Pain is pleasure.  And I have gone through a lot in my life. But all of us have got our own share of stories to say.

Today, I am writing… I haven’t written a personal note in ages. If I could tell you, then I should tell you that it’s almost a year and half since I wrote something for me, from my heart. When I was a child, I used to look at the airplanes, flying far away, drawing images that looked familiar to me. But the dream to be in the air wasn’t too far away. When the guitar weeps, sweet mellow songs come into life. When writers bleed, sweet tales or poetry come into life. I never knew I could write. I never thought I would be a writer. And to me – it’s more than to be a writer. To know people, to be their dear friend, and to be the friend they always dreamt to have… or to be the friend they never had… I know the pain of emptiness, because I have tasted loneliness at a very early age. No, it doesn’t feel good. It only makes us a better person. But it doesn’t make us feel good. No, it doesn’t… But it will for sure make us a better human being…

Today, I am writing… And I am writing a personal note to see if I can still write. If I can remember the days in my life, and the memories that I wish to recall and to inject me with strength to move on when I am low and lost. I can… I know… I can… You may stab a person once, he may feel distressed, twice – he will feel a bit upset, thrice – he will be only stronger…

Today, I am writing… And I tell you, I love you… And I tell you again, I love you for being a great support… Everything has a time in life. I believe in time. I believe in me. Slowly, but surely I am reaching there…

Until then, love and peace, always! You know, you are special. Keep smiling.



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