Making A Life

I have so much going on in my head.

Too much going on in my heart.

A hundred times a day something new jumps in front of me begging for me to tell you about it. But, my mind can’t hold onto everything, that’s when it ends up in my heart.

It turns from a thought to a wish there. My heart is home to a million wishes for you to be happy, full of life and in particular, hopeful.

So, when suddenly I realized the other day that I can’t save the entire world, it was overwhelming. I want to. But then, as quickly as it came, another more satisfying thought took its place.

I can save one person at a time.

Just one person. Maybe today that person is you.

This is what I held onto today.

I have heard and believed at times that we need to just live for today. It sounds simple enough.

If you find it too difficult to look at your life and think about where you want to go and what you want to accomplish, then dealing with one day at a time is easy.

No sense worrying about tomorrow’s problems. Here’s the better idea.

You are not making a life just for today, you are making a lifetime from it.

That means everything you do, every decision you make today is like a single thread in the fabric you are weaving.

Those threads together form a pattern.

Be guided by the principle that you become a thread in someone else’s pattern by how you interact with them.

All of us woven together over a lifetime become the patchwork quilt generations after us must build on.

If you have faith don’t just apply it randomly. Often times we do the right thing when it doesn’t take much effort.

Making a life means being faithful.

Have fun.

Take time to be silly. God loves the child in us, not just the children.

Making a life means living fully. Laughing often.


Take time to love unconditionally. Our faith tells us to love one another not just a select few. Not just those who are like us. All people.

Making a life means loving the life in others.

Finally, sacrifice.

Stop asking for what you can get, ask what you can give, what you can do.

Making a life means giving life to others.

“You are not making a life for a day,
you are making a lifetime from it.”


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