Dreaming My Dreams

Everybody wants to see beautiful dreams as in them we see our cherished desires being fulfilled. So children  usually see toys, biscuits etc in their dreams. Young girls wish to see their would-be husbands. Young boys desire to meet some beautiful girl. Some old men wish to see themselves marrying some young girl or a widow with abundance of wealth. Surprisingly I have no such dreams. Beauty attracts me too and luxurious life is not a forbidden tread for me. I do have some ambitions. But I want to materialize these ambitions in my real life and not merely in my dreams. The dream that I cherish to see is of an earthly paradise, of a peaceful and prosperous world where love reigns supreme, where people do not hear each other groan, where youth does not grow pale, spectre thin and dies, where to think is not to be full of sorrow and where everyone fears God and loves His creatures. My dreams are not castles in the air. They are rather stone houses that can be seen, touched and felt only if one has a tender heart and an eye to peep into the hearts of the other people.


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