Until now

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It doesn’t take forever to make a wish come true. It is in the very moment of wishing it so, that the spark ignites the will to fulfill it. All you need to do is make it happen. In doing so you can declare, “I never believed in wishes…until now.”

It doesn’t take a lifetime to find love. Love is the air you breath. One doesn’t “fall in love.” Love is who you are. Romantic love comes from a blending of the same air inhailed and exhailed by two perfect strangers who were meant to breath together. In doing so they can declare, “I never knew what love was…”until now.”

You’ll never know what hope is until you hang it on a prayer. Words whispered, simply spoken from the grip of despair. Hope is like a fragrance lifted from a flower. It lingers there until the wind decides to steal it away. Praying is a gentle breeze that passes from you to God and with it flows hope for an favorable reply. In doing so you can declare, “I never knew what hope was…”until now.”

You cannot be truly happy until you make others happy, too. Happiness is a feeling that cannot be measured by weight, length or time. It is comparable to peace. Either can be found in solitude, but enjoyed more when it has no limits or boundaries. Happiness is peace with giggles. In making peace you can declare, “I never knew what happiness was…”until now.”

I never understood time accept for the hands on a clock and the pages of a calendar. I measured it by marking beginnings and endings, births and deaths, winning and losing, building up and taking down and remembering and forgetting, too.

Now I know. Time is wishes come true, love breathed, hope proven by prayer and the happiness and peace of sharing it all with you.

“I never knew what time was…”Until now.”

May your wishes come true,
may you breathe love for two,
may hope fill the void in your life.
May your happiness flow
from the peace that you know
and time be your friend for life.


13 thoughts on “Until now

  1. Hey Uzair, thank you for dropping my my blog, that way I came across such a beautiful site as yours.
    This post is written too beautifully! You redefined love miraculously!

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