Writer’s Block

Why are there days in your life
When ideas will not come at all?
When the blank in the flow of words
Is like bumping against a wall?

The easily flowing phrases
That usually spring to your mind,
Are replacced by a shuttered window
So black, you feel you are blind.

Perhaps, whenever this happens,
You should put your pencil away;
God is probably telling you
You have nothing worthwhile to say.

Inspiration will come again to you,
Ideas will once more start to flow,
When you have a message to share
That the rest of the world needs to know.

– Mary Eileen Butera





3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. We feel like we always have something worthwhile to say, don’t we? It’s tough to accept that sometimes we don’t lol “When you have writer’s block, write about writer’s block, and that way the problem of writer’s block is solved” or something like that…

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