“I have forgiven mistakes that were indeed almost unforgivable. I’ve tried to replace people who were irreplaceable and tried to forget those who were unforgettable. I’ve acted on impulse, have been disappointed by people when I thought that this could never be possible. But I have also disappointed those who I love. I have laughed at inappropriate occasions. I’ve made friends that are now friends for life. I’ve screamed and jumped for joy. I’ve loved and I’ve been loved. But I have also been rejected and I have been loved without loving the person back. I’ve lived for love alone and made vows of eternal love. I’ve had my heart broken many, many times! I’ve cried while listening to music and looking at old pictures. I’ve called someone just to hear their voice on the other side. I have fallen in love with a smile. At times, I thought I would die because I missed someone so much. At other times, I felt very afraid that I might loose someone very special (which ended up happening anyway.) But I have lived! And I still continue living everyday. I’m not just passing through life… and you shouldn’t either. Live! The best thing in life is to go ahead with all your plans and your dreams, to embrace life and to live everyday with passion, to lose and still keep the faith and to win while been grateful. All of this because the world belongs to those who dare to go after what they want. And because life is really too short to be insignificant.”

– Charlie Chaplin


Letting Go

I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know were better letting go. It’s like were scared to lose what we don’t even really have. Some of us say we’d rather have that something than absolutely nothing, but the truth is, to have it halfway is harder than not having it at all.

You know what your problem is? You get attached, fast. And once you’re attached to someone, you do everything you can to please them and make them happy. It’s never been about what you want; it’s always everyone’s needs before your own. You give out too many chances to people, who quite frankly, do not deserve them. They take advantage of you, and you become a pushover. But you’re okay with that, because they’re in your life and that’s all you ever really wanted. And even if they screw you over, you’ll still be there for her. Because that’s you, that’s who you are. Once you get attached to someone, they capture your heart and they always have a place there. And that is why it’s so hard for you to let go.

I get the whole “She’s the only girl I’ve ever really been in love with” part. It’s hard to let go, hard to move on to someone else and think you’ll never find anyone with such characteristics or chemistry like you two had, but I promise you, once you let go and move on, you’ll find out that, deep down, the only feelings you have for her might be just the fact that you’ll always love her. You may not want her back, you might just be scared to move on without her.

Nobody wants to hear this but sometimes the person you want the most, is the person you are best without.

To Be Loved

Why is there this everlasting craving to be loved? Listen carefully. You want to be loved because you do not love; but the moment you love, it is finished, you are no longer inquiring whether or not somebody loves you. As long as you demand to be loved, there is no love in you; and if you feel no love, you are ugly, brutish, so why should you be loved? Without love you are a dead thing; and when the dead thing asks for love, it is still dead. Whereas, if your heart is full of love, then you never ask to be loved, you never put out your begging bowl for someone to fill it. It is only the empty who ask to be filled, and an empty heart can never be filled by running after gurus or seeking love in a hundred other ways.

“I never loved another person the way I loved myself.” – Mae West

A Tiny Drop of Water

water drop

A tiny drop of water washed away the land and buildings fell, floating away with other people’s dreams.

Roadways planned and formed by huge machines and men who sweat and hammer the world into shape, were pushed away with little effort.

People ran and cars clogged highways in an effort to stay ahead of the possible destruction that tiny drop of water could cause.

“Wait!” you say. “It was much more than a tiny drop of water. The streams overflowed and the rivers broke through their banks causing a wall of water to destroy those things.”

Yes, but it was made up of tiny drops of water. Raindrops which together wore a path right through my yard with little effort. One drop, then two then thousands, millions and all together they changed the world, our world.

Can’t you see the significance in that?

I want to change the world. I am tired, worn out from weeping at the sight of still another death not just on the field of battle laid out by warriors, but in the streets of every city, in the fields of the impoverished, desolate reaches of the world. They are dying in my country and yours by bullet, by starvation, disease, arrogance, stupidity and pride.

A tiny drop of water gave me hope.

I am but one drop in the sea of humanity, but like the rain I can join together with others and wash away the hatred and pain I anguish over. One drop, then two, then thousands, millions and all together we can change the world. our world.

I want to change my life. I am tired of being in debt. I am worn out from trying to keep pace with the world. I have tried my very best to get ahead and find myself falling behind each step of the way.

A tiny drop of water gave me hope.

It fell upon the hillside just behind my house. One single drop of water joined with others forming a stream.

Like trying one more time. Like doing one more thing. Like pushing one more inch to reach the goal, the dream I long to touch and make reality. All my little efforts make big changes.

The little stream that ran down my driveway, never having been there before, began as one single drop, until one drop after another, trying again and again, washed the soil away and moved the tiny pebble and eventually the rock.

I cannot push away the fear nor change my life overnight, but if I dedicate myself to one single effort each and every day, I will see the power of changing little things to make a big difference.

A tiny drop of water gave me hope.

I am just one drop in the sea of humanity. But I have the power to change my life and the sacred obligation to move the world in the right direction.


One drop, then two, then thousands, millions and all together we change the world, our world.

A tiny drop of water gave me hope.

I’ve Learned

Timeless wisdom to share with others:

I’ve learned . . . .

that the best classroom in the world

is at the feet of an elderly person.I’ve learned . . . .

that when you’re in love, it shows.I’ve learned . . . .

that just one person saying to me,

“You’ve made my day!” makes my day.I’ve learned . . . .

that I feel better about myself when

I make others feel better about themselves.I’ve learned . . . .

that having a child fall asleep in your

arms is one of the most peaceful

feelings in the world.I’ve learned . . . .

that what we have done for ourselves

alone dies with us. What we have done

for others and the world remains and

is immortal.I’ve learned . . . .

that one sincere apology is worth more

than all the roses money can buy.I’ve learned . . . .

that words harshly spoken are as difficult

to retrieve as feathers in a gale.I’ve learned . . . .

that being kind is more important than

being right.I’ve learned . . . .

that you should never say no to a

gift from a child.I’ve learned . . . .

that I can always pray for someone when

I don’t have the strength to help him

in some other way.I’ve learned . . . .

that no matter how serious your life

requires you to be, everyone needs a

friend to act goofy with.I’ve learned . . . .

that sometimes all a person needs is a

hand to hold and a heart to understand.I’ve learned . . . .

that simple walks with my father around

the block on summer nights when I was

a child did wonders for me as an adult.I’ve learned . . . .

that life is like a roll of toilet paper.

The closer it gets to the end, the

faster it goes.I’ve learned . . . .

that money doesn’t buy class.I’ve learned . . . .

that it’s those small daily happenings

that make life so spectacular.I’ve learned . . . .

that once a relationship is over,

if you experienced more smiles than

tears, then it wasn’t a waste of time.I’ve learned . . . .

that under everyone’s hard shell is

someone who wants to be appreciated

and loved.I’ve learned . . . .

never to humiliate another person.

Always give him an honorable way to

back down or out of something and

still save face.I’ve learned . . . .

that the Lord didn’t do it all in one

day. What makes me think I can?I’ve learned . . . .

that if you are still talking about

what you did yesterday, you haven’t

done much today.I’ve learned . . . .

that to ignore the facts does not

change the facts.I’ve learned . . . .

that when you plan to get even with

someone, you are only letting that

person continue to hurt you.I’ve learned . . . .

that you view other people’s children

in a whole different light when you

have some of your own.I’ve learned . . . .

that the older I get, the smarter my

parents become.I’ve learned . . . .

that when your wife simply answers,

“nothing” when you ask her what’s

wrong, you’re in deep trouble.I’ve learned . . . .

that love, not time, heals all wounds.I’ve learned . . . .

that the easiest way for me to grow as

a person is to surround myself with

people smarter than I am.I’ve learned . . . .

that I always think of the right thing

to say when it’s too late.I’ve learned . . . .

that the fire of a past love will always

burn with a small flame.I’ve learned . . . .

that even at the age of forty-nine,

you can still feel like a twelve

year old child when your mother is

talking to you.I’ve learned . . . .

that no matter what their ages or how

far away they may be, you never stop

wanting to keep a protective arm

around your children.I’ve learned . . . .

to gather all the crumbs thrown my way.

They soon form a lovely, thick slice

of life and memories.I’ve learned . . . .

that when you want a garment to shrink,

it won’t, and when you don’t, it will

come out of the dryer and fit your cat!I’ve learned . . . .

that commercials for feminine products

always comes on when you are sitting

in the living room with all men.I’ve learned . . . .

that the kind of adults my children

are now is directly related to the kind

of children I continually told them

they were.I’ve learned . . . .

that everyone you meet deserves to

be greeted with a smile.I’ve learned . . . .

that there’s nothing sweeter than sleeping

with your babies and feeling their

breath on your cheeks.I’ve learned . . . .

that men would rather be lost for hours

than stop and ask for directions.I’ve learned . . . .

that no one is perfect until you fall

in love with them.I’ve learned . . . .

that life is tough, but I’m tougher.I’ve learned . . . .

that opportunities are never lost;

someone will take the ones you miss.I’ve learned . . . .

that there is nothing better than my

dog waiting for me on the front porch,

wagging his tail when I get home.I’ve learned . . . .

that when you harbor bitterness,

happiness will dock elsewhere.I’ve learned . . . .

that I wish I could have told my mom

that I love her one more time before

she passed away.I’ve learned . . . .

that it is just as wrong to be rude to a

child as to an adult. In fact, it may

be more unforgivable.I’ve learned . . . .

that you should never jump off a diving

board when wearing a bikini.I’ve learned . . . .

that one should keep his words both

soft and tender, because tomorrow

he may have to eat them.I’ve learned . . . .

that a smile is an inexpensive way to

improve your looks.I’ve learned . . . .

that I can’t choose how I feel, but I

can choose what I do about it.I’ve learned . . . .

that a peacock today may be a feather

duster tomorrow.I’ve learned . . . .

that nobody wants to know what you’re

doing until you’re doing something that

you don’t want anyone to know.I’ve learned . . . .

that when your newly born grandchild

holds your little finger in his little

fist, that you’re hooked for life.I’ve learned . . . .

that those who reach their goals too

easily have aimed too low.I’ve learned . . . .

that everyone wants to live on top of

the mountain, but all the happiness

and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.I’ve learned . . . .

that when packing for a vacation, you

should take half as many clothes as you

think you will need and twice as much

money. Your clothes and money should

run out about the same time!I’ve learned . . . .

that stain resistant carpet will stain.I’ve learned . . . .

that it is best to give advice in only

two circumstances; when it is requested

and when it is a life-threatening

situation.I’ve learned . . . .

that a good friend is the one who tells

you how you really look in your jeans.I’ve learned . . . .

that the less time I have to work with,

the more things I get done.I’ve learned . . . .

that we should be glad God doesn’t

give us everything we ask for.More . . . Timeless wisdom . . .

I’ve learned . . . .
that you cannot make someone love you.
All you can do is be someone who can be
loved. The rest is up to them.I’ve learned . . . .
that no matter how much I care,
some people just don’t care back.I’ve learned . . . .
that it takes years to build up trust,
and only seconds to destroy it.I’ve learned . . . .
that it’s not what you have in your life,
but who you have in your life that counts.I’ve learned . . . .
that you can get by on charm for about
fifteen minutes. After that, you’d better
know something.I’ve learned . . . .
that you shouldn’t compare
yourself to the best others can do.I’ve learned . . . .
that you can do something in an instant
that will give you heartache for life.I’ve learned . . . .
that it’s taken me a long time
to become the person I want to be.I’ve learned . . . .
that you should always leave
loved ones with loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.I’ve learned . . . .
that you can keep going
long after you think you can’t.I’ve learned . . . .
that we are responsible for what we do,
no matter how we feel.I’ve learned . . . .
that either you control your attitude
or it controls you.I’ve learned . . . .
that regardless of how hot and steamy
a relationship is at first, the passion fades
and there had better be something else
to take its place.I’ve learned . . . .
that heroes are the people
who do what has to be done
when it needs to be done,
regardless of the consequences.I’ve learned . . . .
that money is a lousy way of keeping score.I’ve learned . . . .
that sometimes when I’m angry
I have the right to be angry,
but that doesn’t give me
the right to be cruel.I’ve learned . . . .
that true friendship continues to grow,
even over the longest distance.
Same goes for true love.I’ve learned . . . .
that just because someone doesn’t love
you the way you want them to doesn’t
mean they don’t love you with all they have.I’ve learned . . . .
that maturity has more to do with
what types of experiences you’ve had
and what you’ve learned from them
and less to do with how many
birthdays you’ve celebrated.I’ve learned . . . .
that you should never tell a child
their dreams are unlikely or outlandish.
Few things are more humiliating, and
what a tragedy it would be if they believed it.I’ve learned . . . .
your family won’t always be there for you.
It may seem funny, but people you aren’t
related to can take care of you and love you
and teach you to trust people again.
Families aren’t always biological.I’ve learned . . . .
that no matter how good a friend is,
they’re going to hurt you every once in a
while and you must forgive them for that.I’ve learned . . . .
that it isn’t always enough to be forgiven by
others. Sometimes you have to forgive yourself.I’ve learned . . . .
that no matter how bad your heart is broken
the world doesn’t stop for your grief.I’ve learned . . . .
that our background and circumstances
may have influenced who we are,
but we are responsible for who we become.I’ve learned . . . .
that just because two people argue,
it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other
And just because they don’t argue,
it doesn’t mean they do.I’ve learned . . . .
that two people can look at the exact same
thing and see something totally different.I’ve learned . . . .
that we don’t have to change friends
if we understand that friends change.

Keep Holding On

You walk outside and all you see is rain
You look inside and all you feel is pain
And you can’t see it now

You wake up every morning and ask yourself
What am I doing here anyway
With the weight of all those disappointments
Whispering in your ear
You’re just barely hanging by a thread
You wanna scream but you’re down to your last breath
And you don’t know it yet

But down the road the sun is shining
In every cloud there’s a silver lining
Just keep holding on (just keep holding on)
And every heartache makes you stronger
But it won’t be much longer
You’ll find love, you’ll find peace
And the you you’re meant to be
I know right now that’s not the way you feel
But one day you will – Lady Antebellum “One Day You Will”

“Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived. Sometimes happy, other times rough. But with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong.”

May There Be Too Many Candles For Your Cake

There are some lessons only wisdom and experience can teach us.

I have worked with the aged for many years. In doing so I have gained wisdom beyond my age. For it is only those who traveled down the road before me who can report back what lies ahead.

I take time to listen and by doing so I gain a new perspective of growing old.

Yesterday something triggered a memory that, at the time, felt so powerful that I consciously filed it away as one of those gems I knew I’d not soon forget.

They were having a birthday cake for one of the residents in a nursing home I often visited.

While lighting the many candles one man jokingly called it a “fire hazard.”

There were so many candles that by the time they sang for her, some had already melted down. Still, there weren’t enough. She was 85.

After all the happy singing and memories shared, I sat next to the birthday girl.

“I hope my cake becomes a fire hazard,” I said. She smiled politely.

We sat quietly for a few minutes just taking in the moment. I believe that many of those in attendance were flipping through the pages of their own life. Memories of good times and not so good tip toed through their minds filtered somewhat by the natural aging process. I think in some way we unknowingly apply selective memory tactics and later on in life see things the way we want to rather that the way it was at the time.

Suddenly a young volunteer came to give the birthday girl a hug.

“So, what great advice can you give me for a life well spent?” she asked.

The woman paused for a moment and said, “All of us have a light that we share with the world. It is real. It is who God created us to be.”

She stopped for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. When speaking with older folks it is always important to be patient. One must never hurry them. They didn’t rush to get here, so wait and listen intently to what they have to offer.

She continued. “Some people see our light as dimming. It has only grown brighter. The candles on the cake are evidence of that.”

The young girl was about to leave when I motioned that she should wait. I sensed that the best was yet to be spoken.

“We blow out the candles but our light remains brilliant. God is the source of our light. It never dims. How can we?”

There it was. The young girl looked at me and whispered, “Thank you!” She was glad she stayed.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, psychiatrist, a pioneer in Near-death studies said:
“People are like stained glass windows, the true beauty can be
seen only when there is light from within. The darker the night,
the brighter the windows.”

England Dan and John Ford Coley sang:
“Light of the world, shine on me
Love is the answer
Shine on us all
Set us free
Love is the answer”

May there be too many candles for your cake!