In general, I can say that everyone wants to be happy.  But it is also a known fact that many people are miserable all over the world.  We are all in pursuit of happiness as we strive to achieve our dreams.  In this journey we take to find happiness, not all of us succeed in achieving our goals.  There are those who give up when things get too tough.  There are those who give up without even trying.  And there are those lucky few who get to achieve their goals but still somehow realize that what they have been striving for did not bring lasting happiness.

What is Happiness?

Does this sound like a losing battle to you?  Well, actually, achieving “happiness” is just a matter of perception. Your notion of happiness may be far from what it really is.  And sometimes what you’ve wanted for so long is not really what you needed.  Just as the song goes “Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it…”  Before you go chasing rainbows, try answering the question: “What is happiness?”  What is it that would make you really happy?  There are some factors that can make a person happy.  Peace of mind, contentment, purpose, companionship, spirituality, and love.

Peace of Mind

Everybody has a conscience.  This is our guide in making our life decisions, big or small.  A clean conscience gives you peace of mind.  This is living a life without fear because you know that you have done nothing wrong.  To have peace of mind, be sure to always be fair and try your best to always do what is right and just for everybody. I know it is easy to say, “be fair.” But to actually live by that rule is very difficult considering the pressures of society and, of course, the temptations that come our way.  Just remember that whatever great things you may get through cheating and stealing, it will never be as precious as a being able to sleep soundly at night.


All of us wish we had something that we didn’t have.  And when we get that, we want something else or something more.  The truth is, we should be content with what we have right now.  We cannot change the things we didn’t have before. And we will never know what we will have tomorrow.  So if you ate well today, you have a home, a family, and everything that you need today, be thankful.  Someone else somewhere else in the world would kill to have the things you have right now.  Appreciating the graces you receive each day and being content knowing that your needs have been filled simplifies life’s little joys.  The things that you want will never bring complete happiness.  But to be content everyday brings happiness that lasts day after day.


Many have read or have heard of the book A Purpose Driven Life.  And by the success of the book, you will see that so many people are in search of a purpose or meaning to life.  Do not do things just for the money.  Of course we need to work to make a living.  But always ask yourself “Why?”  Why are you doing what you are doing?  If you have a job that you hate, try to remember why you still stay.  It may be because you have a family that you love, and they are depending on you.  Whatever sacrifices are made gain purpose because they are done out of love.  Everything has a purpose.  Find the deeper meaning, and you will be able to see which of your activities are still worth doing or not.  Which of your activities have actual purpose? Which of them bring you happiness?


No man is an island.  People need to reach out to other people.  You don’t need a life partner to be happy.  Some people choose to live a single life.  But to be single does not mean you have to be alone.  Never live your life just for yourself.  You have to coexist, interact, and be part of a community.  Share your life with others and see how other people can make a difference in your outlook in life.


Faith in God and a connection to your inner being brings inner peace.  This inner peace radiates to others and gives a person a positive outlook in life.  This positivity brings forth good things that will bring more smiles into your life.


The ultimate rule to happiness is love.  Do everything out of love, and you will feel a silent joy in your heart.  Do one act of kindness at a time, and you will feel the love in your heart fill your life with happiness.

Until now

couple at beach

It doesn’t take forever to make a wish come true. It is in the very moment of wishing it so, that the spark ignites the will to fulfill it. All you need to do is make it happen. In doing so you can declare, “I never believed in wishes…until now.”

It doesn’t take a lifetime to find love. Love is the air you breath. One doesn’t “fall in love.” Love is who you are. Romantic love comes from a blending of the same air inhailed and exhailed by two perfect strangers who were meant to breath together. In doing so they can declare, “I never knew what love was…”until now.”

You’ll never know what hope is until you hang it on a prayer. Words whispered, simply spoken from the grip of despair. Hope is like a fragrance lifted from a flower. It lingers there until the wind decides to steal it away. Praying is a gentle breeze that passes from you to God and with it flows hope for an favorable reply. In doing so you can declare, “I never knew what hope was…”until now.”

You cannot be truly happy until you make others happy, too. Happiness is a feeling that cannot be measured by weight, length or time. It is comparable to peace. Either can be found in solitude, but enjoyed more when it has no limits or boundaries. Happiness is peace with giggles. In making peace you can declare, “I never knew what happiness was…”until now.”

I never understood time accept for the hands on a clock and the pages of a calendar. I measured it by marking beginnings and endings, births and deaths, winning and losing, building up and taking down and remembering and forgetting, too.

Now I know. Time is wishes come true, love breathed, hope proven by prayer and the happiness and peace of sharing it all with you.

“I never knew what time was…”Until now.”

May your wishes come true,
may you breathe love for two,
may hope fill the void in your life.
May your happiness flow
from the peace that you know
and time be your friend for life.