In general, I can say that everyone wants to be happy.  But it is also a known fact that many people are miserable all over the world.  We are all in pursuit of happiness as we strive to achieve our dreams.  In this journey we take to find happiness, not all of us succeed in achieving our goals.  There are those who give up when things get too tough.  There are those who give up without even trying.  And there are those lucky few who get to achieve their goals but still somehow realize that what they have been striving for did not bring lasting happiness.

What is Happiness?

Does this sound like a losing battle to you?  Well, actually, achieving “happiness” is just a matter of perception. Your notion of happiness may be far from what it really is.  And sometimes what you’ve wanted for so long is not really what you needed.  Just as the song goes “Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it…”  Before you go chasing rainbows, try answering the question: “What is happiness?”  What is it that would make you really happy?  There are some factors that can make a person happy.  Peace of mind, contentment, purpose, companionship, spirituality, and love.

Peace of Mind

Everybody has a conscience.  This is our guide in making our life decisions, big or small.  A clean conscience gives you peace of mind.  This is living a life without fear because you know that you have done nothing wrong.  To have peace of mind, be sure to always be fair and try your best to always do what is right and just for everybody. I know it is easy to say, “be fair.” But to actually live by that rule is very difficult considering the pressures of society and, of course, the temptations that come our way.  Just remember that whatever great things you may get through cheating and stealing, it will never be as precious as a being able to sleep soundly at night.


All of us wish we had something that we didn’t have.  And when we get that, we want something else or something more.  The truth is, we should be content with what we have right now.  We cannot change the things we didn’t have before. And we will never know what we will have tomorrow.  So if you ate well today, you have a home, a family, and everything that you need today, be thankful.  Someone else somewhere else in the world would kill to have the things you have right now.  Appreciating the graces you receive each day and being content knowing that your needs have been filled simplifies life’s little joys.  The things that you want will never bring complete happiness.  But to be content everyday brings happiness that lasts day after day.


Many have read or have heard of the book A Purpose Driven Life.  And by the success of the book, you will see that so many people are in search of a purpose or meaning to life.  Do not do things just for the money.  Of course we need to work to make a living.  But always ask yourself “Why?”  Why are you doing what you are doing?  If you have a job that you hate, try to remember why you still stay.  It may be because you have a family that you love, and they are depending on you.  Whatever sacrifices are made gain purpose because they are done out of love.  Everything has a purpose.  Find the deeper meaning, and you will be able to see which of your activities are still worth doing or not.  Which of your activities have actual purpose? Which of them bring you happiness?


No man is an island.  People need to reach out to other people.  You don’t need a life partner to be happy.  Some people choose to live a single life.  But to be single does not mean you have to be alone.  Never live your life just for yourself.  You have to coexist, interact, and be part of a community.  Share your life with others and see how other people can make a difference in your outlook in life.


Faith in God and a connection to your inner being brings inner peace.  This inner peace radiates to others and gives a person a positive outlook in life.  This positivity brings forth good things that will bring more smiles into your life.


The ultimate rule to happiness is love.  Do everything out of love, and you will feel a silent joy in your heart.  Do one act of kindness at a time, and you will feel the love in your heart fill your life with happiness.

To Endure

I had so many things I wrote down as they popped into my head. Things I wanted to share with you.

I should know better.

Not only do I lose the notes, but storing anything in my head is like throwing something down a well.

I don’t even hear the splash.

So, I just sat down and said, “God. Tell me what to write about.”

I heard “endure.”

That seems to be a theme this week for me and so many others who have responded to my recent messages.

Endure in the dictionary is defined as, “to hold out against; sustain without impairment or yielding.”

I am smiling as I write this because endure and sustain are so much a part of my life.

It goes along so well with my idea of “enough.”

To endure pain, loss or suffering, all we need to sustain us is simply “enough.”

So it is with all things in life.

Over the last two days I happened to see older couples walking hand in hand together.

A fairly common thing to see, you might say. At that moment though I needed to see it. Perhaps I was thinking about love and getting older.

II speak of enduring love, enough to sustain me in those last years of the long sunset of my life.

I always try to comment to people when I see something that touches my heart. Regrettably the first day I didn’t.

Yesterday I made it a point to stop the couple and tell them how wonderful I thought it was.

“I love seeing couples our age still holding hands,” I said.

He looked up at me with the grin of a Cheshire cat and said, “She has to hold my hand. I tend to wander off!”

Enduring old age.

At times in life we sometimes are so overwhelmed that the idea of enduring any of it seems all too lofty an ideal.

We are sinking in the muck and believe only that we cannot survive it all.

When I look back at my own life it seems I can count a number of times I felt just like that.

But look. Here I am. I endured. I survived. I made it this far.


With enough hope to sustain me. Enough love to make me believe I am worthy.

There is nothing in or of this world that can crush hope. There is nothing in or of this world that can stop love.

Hope and Love are not of this world.

“He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.”

I shall endure with enough of His love to sustain me. In accepting and believing that the best is yet to come.

Sea Of Love

It was a bitterly cold morning in the middle of a relatively mild Winter. The chill cut through my light jacket as I walked out for morning walk. The frosted grass crunched beneath my feet as I walked along. The stars were shining in the still dark sky. I paused and watched as my frozen breath floated up towards them. They seemed so far away. I thought about the billions of stars stretched across the vast sea of black out there. Our galaxy was just one of many in this incomprehensible universe. Our sun was just one tiny star in the massive Milky Way. Our planet was just one little lump of rock flying around it. It all made me feel small and insignificant. I wondered what part I could play in such an endless creation.

Suddenly, I felt a surprising warmth envelope me. It was like being wrapped in a blanket of love. In my moment of doubt God was touching my heart. I felt filled with peace and joy. I looked to the stars again and saw them sparkle as tears filled my eyes. I recognized then that God’s love was everywhere. That vast sea of black was filled with it. The entire universe was made from it. I saw too that even though I am only a tiny person on a tiny planet that I was important in His eyes. I was loved! I was watched over! I was cared for! And I could make a difference too! I smiled, petted my dogs, and walked back inside ready to start the day and be a part of the sea of love that fills our universe.

You can be a part of that vast sea of love as well. Just open your heart to the love that surrounds you. Just open your mind and let God guide you. Just open your soul and let His Oneness fill you. Then you will know what a powerful part you have in this endless creation that is life. You are loved by God! You can give His love to the world! You can share your love as well! You can help to create a better universe for us all!

Learning to be happier

Advice for ‘Making Changes to Your Life’, we all want to be more forgiving people. We want to give selflessly and help others to find satisfaction in our deeds. As humans, we have a divine inner light that shines from within that wants to encompass others and show them how wonderful we think that they are. We want to entertain and support our loved ones, and give them provisions in more than a monetary sense. We want our children to feel that they can be whatever they want to be and that they need not be ashamed of who they are or what they decide that they want to do. We want our most beautiful creations to find happiness in their every day life and to never know sorrow or failure. If we could make the world a better or safer place for them, we would, and no matter what their endeavors, we will always find them to be just as wonderful as the day that they were brought into this world. We have no qualms in finding ways to put others before ourselves for happiness and peace, in fact, we welcome this opportunity to make someone we love more comfortable. Does it seem at all odd that though we actively seek these things for others on a daily basis that we rarely make time to change our own perspectives ourselves? With effort you could change your life and find yourself living life on purpose. You could be happier, and live your life on your terms. You can be free of the judgment of others and you can watch your challenges become gifts. With forgiveness in your heart and a legacy of understanding, the myths of your oppression will show themselves as being a fabrication of your mind. You can live your own prophesy of passion. You can gain perspective and exhibit your resilience. The growth of your passion will make itself known daily as you let go of past traumas and be happier every day. We need to look into our hearts and find this new dimension that we may create a better world for ourselves. There is little that is actually holding you back from being that person living a happy life every day, and most of the resistance is based in your own mind. This is not your fault, it is a behavior that you have learned as you grew, just like everyone else, but your new goal must be to take the walls down in your mind. You must remove the blinders and learn to live your life with purpose. It is entirely up to you to make this change. Nobody can improve your attitude but you, and nobody will try either. No matter what you want in your life, you have had to work for it, and your peace of mind is no different. If you would like to free yourself of your trauma and find yourself reveling in your daily gifts, then the day to start is today, and the person that you need to start with is you.

– Sharyn Abbott